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avantblue ([personal profile] avantblue) wrote2016-06-09 08:03 am
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Hi, actually this was my big sis's account.
She forgot her password, too -_-
After she rememberred, she gave this account to me.

Aaaand now I am using this account to "hunt" anything related to arashi or any other interesting things (?).

Ah, maybe I should introduce myself

I am Nita, a teenage girl who love Arashi, thanks to my bis sis. Ah, my ichiban is Nino :3
I live in Indonesia (salam kenal, silakan add buat yang mau nambah temen).
I am a newbie here, so sometimes I don't know how to do this or that on LJ.

*Sorry if my English is bad, I am still studying English >.<

Nice to meet you ^^